Sunday, March 22, 2009

Touch & Go Records Retrospective + Showfill

Tune into the Banshee Beat on Monday, March 23rd from 2-4 PM MST to hear a special show I've been preparing for a few weeks... with Touch & Go recently announcing they would no longer be issuing new records, I decided to put together a show which showcased the label's history as well as their bands. Starting from their hardcore punk beginnings, moving up through their 80's noise rock, 90's post-punk and post-rock, and their eclectic output from the last decade as well, it'll be a two-hour history that aims to be entertaining and loaded with good tunes, while also being educational enough that you might be able to take some info from it and act all pretentious about it at a party in the near future.

Megan will be hosting Each One Teach One this upcoming Tuesday for me, as I will hopefully be seeing Bonnie Prince Billy at Mac Hall. Be sure to tune in!

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