Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27th 2010

Pre-recorded show, because I have other obligations and quite simply can't be at the university until past midnight right now. My apologies for the volume difficulties toward the end (esp. on the Knyfe Hyts), but something was wonky with the compressor or something stupid. Hope you liked the show!

Yo La Tengo - Shaker (Shaker EP)
My Disco - Inhaler (Collapse of an Erratic Lung)
Women - China Steps (Public Strain)
Versus - Seaweed Rising (Let's Electrify!)
Kicking Giant - Dreamland Burns (Alien ID)
The Jesus Lizard - Then Comes Dudley (Goat)
Shotmaker - Reconstructing Barriers (Discography)
Hovercraft - De-Orbit Burn (Akathisia)
Alastair Galbraith - Ludd (Mirrorwork)
Knyfe Hyts - Exalted Tones
Lync - Silver Spoon Glasses (These Are Not Fall Colours)


October should be a cool month for the show, as the wonderful Stalwart Sons will be coming in to perform live on the 18th.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 20th 2010

Pitchblende - A Penny for the Guy (Split 7" w/Swirlies)
No Age - Glitter (Long Version, Glitter 12")
Marnie Stern - Gimme (Marnie Stern)
Sightings - Internal Compass (Arrived in Gold)
Women - Drag Open (Public Strain)
Oval - Ah! (O)
Yankee Yankee - Murky II (Best of the Early Recordings)
Bitters - Trapper (Have a Nap Hotel)
Laetitia Sadier - One Million Year Trip (The Trip)
The Coil Sea - Revert to Dirt + Waking the Naga (S/T LP)

Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13th 2010

Alright, after a week in Vancouver, I'm back.

Broken Water - Normal Never Happened (new 7" on Fan Death)
Oneida - Equinox + Last Hit (Untitled Italian 12")
Gnod - A Very Special Request (Bored Fortress 7" Split w/Robedoor)
Sam Prekop - Old Punch Card (Old Punch Card)
The Sea and Cake - Parasol (Nasseau)
Faux Fur - She Creature
Tera Melos - The Shin Surf
Yankee Yankee - The Sea I
The Dead C - Stealth (Stealth / Factory 7")
Peaking Lights - Birds of Paradise (Bored Fortres 7" split w/Wet Hair)