Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 30th 2010

Trumans Water - Since Yesterday (O Zeta Zunis)
Long Long Long - Cuba Gooding Jr (Shorts)
Les Savy Fav - Sleepless in Silver Lake (Root for Ruin)
Play Guitar - After Life (Play Guitar)
Crocodiles - Sleep Forever (Sleep Forever 7")
Breaking Circus - Knife in the Marathon (The Very Long Fuse)
Halo Benders - Canned Oxygen (God Don't Make No Junk)
Free Kitten - Kitten Bossanova (Punks Sueing Punks)
Bottomless Pit - Summerwind (Blood Under the Bridge)
Big Dipper - Ron Klaus Wrecked His House (Craps)
Unrest - Imperial (Imperial f.f.r.r.)
Grass Widow - Shadow (Past Time)
Bloodhouse - Grave Mind (Bloodhouse)
Versus - On the Ones and Threes (On the Ones and Threes)
Chavez - Unreal is Here (Ride the Fader)
Atombombpocketknife - Fly, Vultures, Fly (7")

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 23rd 2010

Sisters - Everybody (Sisters)
Grass Widow - 11 of Diamonds (Past Time)
Velocity Girl - Living Well (Copacetic)
Caribou - Bees (The Milk of Human Kindness)
Brad Laner - Eyes Close (Natural Selections)
White Drugs - DMT (Gold Magic)
End of a Year - Louis Slotin (You Are Beneath Me)
Pilot to Gunner - It's So Good to Be Here in Paris
Play Guitar - You're an Outline (You're an Outline b/w Try Not to Lie 7")
Faust - Krautrock (Faust IV)
Adult Themes - Young Bodies
Grown-Ups - Can't Sleep (Not Friends 7")
Nissenenmondai - Disco (Destination Tokyo)
Rockets Red Glare - Halifiax (S/T 7")
Sisters - Caspian Term (Sisters)

Apologies to the requester in the comments for last week's show--didn't see your request until after the show! A better way to get a hold of me is through e-mail (listed on the sidebar), but I do read comments... y'know, eventually.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 16th 2010

Play Guitar - Love Song for the Dead (Play Guitar LP)
Trumans Water - 5-7-10 Split (O Zeta Zunis)
The Bitters - Dark Wide Holes (Have a Nap Hotel EP)
Women - Untogether (Public Strain)
White Lung - Track 1 (It's the Evil)
Sun Araw - Last Chants (Off Duty 12")
Explode Into Colors - Sharpen the Knife (Quilts)
Zola Jesus - I Can't Stand (Stridium EP)
Oneida - All Arounder (Anthem of the Moon)
Broken Water - Side B of new 7"
Vaz - Forgotten Classic (Demonstrations in Micronesia)
Drunks With Guns - Hell House (Drunks With Guns)
Twelve Hour Turn - Dance Like Everyone is Watching (Perfect Progress, Perfect Destruction)
Fugazi - 23 Beats Off (In On the Killtaker)

Check out the two new Broken Water jams here!. These tracks will be on a new 7" coming out on Fan Death Records soon.

Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9th 2010

Unwound - Message Received (Repetition)
Windy & Carl - You (Drawing of Sound)
Live Skull - Machete (Dusted)
The Bad Fate - Bruised (Olympic City)
The Raymond Brake - Avenue of Lst Resort (Never Work Ever)
Bottomless Pit - Kiss Them All (Blood Under the Bridge)
Fist City - Queen of the Slugs (Queen of the Slugs 7")
The Feeling of Love - Mechanical Lamb (OK Judge Revival)
DNA - You & You (You & You 7")
Yellow Swans - Burnt Dub (Deterioration)
Sonic Youth - I Love Her All The Time (Bad Moon Rising)
Wolf Eyes - Living Stone (Always Wrong)
Crippled Children - Christopher Reeves vs. Stephen Hawking (Crippled Children are ALWAYS Serious) (PP PP EP PP)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 2nd 2010

End of a Year - Composite Character & Charles Ewert (You Are Beneath Me)
One Last Wish - My Better Half (1986)
Slates - Vacant Lot (Slates)
Polvo - Colonial Arms
AC Temple - Miss Sky (Sourpuss)
The Sonora Pine - The Gin Mills (S/T)
Lowercase - Rare Anger (Kill the Lights)
The Famines - Syllables
Don Caballero - In the Absence of Strong Evidence, One May Step Out of the Way of a Charging Bull (What Burns Never Returns)
Drunkdriver - Quality of My Life (Drunkdriver)
Bloodhouse - Board it Up (Bloodhouse CS)
Brad Laner - Throat (Natural Selections)