Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 28th 2008 - funding drive!

Thanks so much to everyone who pledged! I don't have the full totals (I know at least one person pledged online), but from phone pledges alone, Each One Teach One raised $1185! Thanks so much again!

EDIT - thanks to Megan for an online pledge, that means E1T1 really raised $1295!

Marc and I improvised songs about librarians, Staticland (the show that in this timeslot before E1T1, also the show I trained on), Cowboys and Cowgirls, evil vegetarian cats, and The Ergs! going to the Phantom of the Opera.

Other songs played were:

Coachwhips - I knew Her, She New Me (Bangers vs. Fuckers)
The Raveonettes - The Love Gang (Chain Gang of Love)
Deerhunter - Lake Somerset (Cryptograms)
A Place to Bury Strangers - Don't Think Lover (A Place To Bury Strangers)
The Jesus Lizard - Nub (Goat)
So Many Dynamos - We Vibrate, We Do (Flashlights)
The Dismemberment Plan - Gyroscope (Emergency & I)
The Ostrich - Dead Horse (The Ostrich 7")
Parts & Labor - New Buildings (Stay Afraid)
Lightning Bolt - 2 Morrow Morrow Land (Hypermagic Mountain)
Brainiac - Hot Seat Can't Sit Down (Hissing Prigs in Static Couture)

Download the madness here! - complete with the improvised songs!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October 21st 2008

Rick White - Sorry We Missed You (Memoreaper)
Deerhunter - Cover Me Slowly AND Agoraphobia (Microcastle)
Gang Gang Dance - First Communion (Saint Dymphna)
Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker - Tracks 12-16 (Fantasma Parastasie)
Cheval de Frise - Noblesse De L'├ęchec (2) (Cheval de Frise)
Trumans Water - Lo Priest (Spasm Smash)
Flying Saucer Attack - Past (New Lands)
Pavement - Baptist Blacktick (Westing by Musket and Sextant)
Pine Tarts - Hiver (Faux Fauves)
Magic Lantern - Deathshead Hawkmoth (High Beams)
Holy Fuck - Casio Bossa Nova
Hot Snakes - Let it Come (Thunder Down Under)

Funding drive next week! I have special Each One Teach One mix CD's to give away, as well as other CD's! Marc from Heads Telling Tales and the Azymyth will be joining me on air to perform songs for pledges (we'll both be performing 20 second songs for you listeners!) - keep some cash aside and pledge on the show, and keep CJSW super rad!

Pledges of $60 or more get you the special E1T1 CD, as well as a CD from a random assortment I picked out earlier this week... Dinosaur Jr, Hot Cross, Fatal Flying Guilloteens, Braden Funchner, Lint, and some others. Pledges of $110 or more get you these AS WELL as a very special song dedicated to you (on subject matter of your choosing) live on air by Marc and Me. You also get all the super rad CJSW swag, so keep your tuner locked to 90.9 FM all next week!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October 14th 2008

Jay Reatard - Let It All Go (Singles 06-07)
These Arms Are Snakes - Woolen Heirs (Tail Swallower and Dove)
Young Widows - Mr. No Harm (Old Wounds)
Bastro - Tallow Waters (Diablo Guaplo)
Lint - John Doe Has the Upper Hand (Lint)
Shearing Pinx - Halves (Split w/Stamina Mantis)
Big Black - Passing Complexion (Atomizer)
Husker Du - Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill (New Day Rising)
Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker - Tracks 39-46 (Fantasma Parastasie)
Volcano! - Africa Just Wants to Have Fun (Paperwork)
Vivian Girls - My Baby Wants Me Dead (Wild Eyes 7")
Marnie Stern - Transformer (This is It...)
Chevreul - Gendarme (Capoeira)
Bird Noises - Hold That Thought (Bird Noises)
US Maple - Aplomado (Long Hair in Three Stages)
Mutators - Instinct (Secret Life)
Medicine - Something Goes Wrong (The Buried Life)

Download tonight's show!

Funding drive show coming up! The very talented Marc from "Heads Telling Tales" (Monday morning freaky jazz, 6-9 AM) will be joining me on air with an acoustic guitar, and we will be improvising 20-30 second long songs for pledges! Marc played in The Azymyth, so the dude has talent!! I have also made several Each One Teach One mix CD's that every pledger will receive, so save your dollars and make a pledge on my show during CJSW's funding drive. It's going to be wild!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October 7th 2008

Cap'n Jazz - Little League (Analphabetapolotholgy)
Marnie Stern - Ruler (I Am It...)
Arab on Radar - Rubber Robot (Queen Hygiene II)
Tobacco - Hawker Boat (Fucked Up Friends)
The Ergs! - Hang Up (Parasites Cover)
Pine Tarts - City (Faux Fauves)
Volcano! - Sweet Tooth (Paperwork)
Petroleum By-Products - Rat Face (Emergency Room Vol. 1)
Erase Errata - Ca. Viewing (At Crystal Palace)
Andy Dixon - Shibuya (Mice of Mt. Career)
The Raveonettes - Sad Transmission (Lust Lust Lust)
Heavens - Doves + Another Night (Patent Pending)
Shearing Pinx - No Core Hard Wave (Split w/Stamina Mantis)
Enon - Mirror on you (Grass Geysers, Carbon Clouds)
Sebadoh - Together or Alone (Bakesale)