Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Funding Drive 2009...

...was a HUGE success! Each One Teach One raised over $1700 for CJSW this year, thanks so much to everyone who pledged and listened! Your support means a ton to me and everyone else at the station. Thanks so much for supporting CJSW!

Funding drive is tonight!

Be sure to tune in tonight, as I've got a whole ton of stuff to give away for your pledges. I have a pair of Sunny Day Real Estate reissues, a local CD pack including Veritas, Puberty, and Extra Happy Ghost, individual CD's by Mi Ami, Gliss, Lou Barlow, and Nurses, a Famines double 7" pack, and, naturally, my 2009 Each One Teach One funding drive CD. The tracklist is as follows:

1. Lightning Bolt - Sound Guardians
2. Oneida - It Was a Wall
3. Pterodactyl - Share the Shade
4. Mi Ami - Echononecho
5. Pissed Jeans - False Jesii pt. 2
6. Modern Creatures - Telegraph Eyes
7. Random Cuts - Sleep
8. Sharp Ends - Ghosts of Chance
9. Pumice - The Dawn Chorus of Kina
10. Polvo - Beggar's Bowl
11. Magik Markers - Jerks
12. Mayyors - Clicks
13. HEALTH - Eat Flesh
14. Mount Analogue - Hospital Life
15. The Famines - The First World War
16. Chain & the Gang - Trash Talk
17. Obits - Two-Headed Coin
18. York Redoubt - Mending

I'm giving this exclusive mix cd to anyone who pledges $65 or higher. A pledge of $65 will also net you a CJSW friends card and t-shirt.

The number to call during the show is 403-220-5000. You can also donate online via paypal, just go to the CJSW website for more information (be sure to mention you're pledging for Each One Teach One, though! Otherwise you might not get the mix cd!)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 20th 2009

Lake of Dracula - Violators (Skeletal Remains LP)
Stamina Mantis - Dolphins (Sexual Cannibalism A-OK)
Russian Circles - Fathom (Geneva)
GSTS! - Signed Sheets (The Compilation of Hope)
Hot Little Rocket - Fuzz Swan (Hot Little Rocket)
Future of the Left - You Need Satan More Than He Needs You (Travels With Myself and Another)
Built to Spill - Pat (There is No Enemy)
Bird Noises - Hold That Thought (EP)
Shearing Pinx - I Am Jim O'Rourke (Weaponry)
Shellac - Steady As She Goes (Excellent Italian Greyhound)
York Redoubt - Wires (York Redoubt)
Lightning Bolt - Nation of Boar (Earthly Delights)
Vampire Can't - Self-Titled Debutante (Key Cutter)
Vic Chesnutt - Philip Guston (At the Cut)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Funding drive is coming up...

... so if you like Each One Teach One (or any of the shows on CJSW, for that matter), consider pledging to keep the station running. The CJSW incentives this year are very nice -- the t-shirt looks great, there's a double-disc CD of songs recorded live in the CJSW studios (including a track that Seizure Salad recorded on Each One Teach One), there's an apron, an ICE CREAM SCOOP, and more!

BUT, I've put together some extra stuff special for fans of Each One Teach One. In addition to the CJSW swag, you'll also get some special Each One Teach One stuff. Most notably, I have put together a special mix CD for the 2009 funding drive. There are two different sets of artwork, and eighteen songs on the mix from Lightning Bolt, Oneida, Mi Ami, Polvo, York Redoubt, Sharp Ends, Obits, Magik Markers, and more.

I've also got full length CDs from Mi Ami and Gliss to give away, and a special pack from Edmonton's The Famines -- their double 7" "Black Sea", w/"A Visual History of the Famines" book and a poster for their new 7". I've also got a huge poster for Sonic Youth's newest album, The Eternal. I'm still scrounging stuff up, so keep tuned in.

The funding drive show takes place in two weeks -- October 27th -- so start saving your pocket change.

If you'd like more info or to pledge early, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13th 2009

Sharp Ends - Ghosts of Chance (Northern Front 7")
Double Dagger - Surrealist Composition w/Your Face (More)
Rick White - One & Two (137)
Modern Creatures - Telegraph Eyes (Modern Creatures LP)
Shearing Pinx - Battery Born (Weaponry)
Damages - Marked Sidewalks (Compilation of Hope Cassette)
Minivan Halen - Epic (Compilation of Hope Cassette)
Nomos - Side A of 7"
York Redoubt - Stenciled Lines (York Redoubt)
Random Cuts - Make Damage (Make Damage 7")
Oneida - Up With People (Happy New Year)
Tyondai Braxton - Dead Strings (Central Market)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6th 2009

Lou Barlow - The Right (Goodnight Unknown)
The Van Pelt - My Bouts With Pouncing (Sultans of Sentiment)
York Redoubt - Division (York Redoubt)
Peace - Saturday Night (Slow Children)
This Moment in Black History - On Tour With Charlie Parker (It Takes a Nation of Assholes to Hold Us Back)
Heroin - In General (Heroin CD)
Drunkdriver - Ode (Born Pregnant)
Puberty - Common Sense (First Slime)
Title Tracks - Every Little Bit Hurts (s/t 7")
The Jesus Lizard - Destroy Before Reading (Down)
Twin Crystals - Suicide (Twin Crystals)
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji - Creamy Beast (Creamy Beast c20)
Unwound - All Souls Day (New Plastic Ideas)

York Redoubt are amazing. Order their LP -- it's only twenty bucks (shipping included), so get on that, Canadian pals!

Friday, October 2, 2009

RRRecords - 1000 Locked Grooves

Maybe I'll play some of this on the air, but as you can tell, it's almost totally random.