Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 20th 2009

Lake of Dracula - Violators (Skeletal Remains LP)
Stamina Mantis - Dolphins (Sexual Cannibalism A-OK)
Russian Circles - Fathom (Geneva)
GSTS! - Signed Sheets (The Compilation of Hope)
Hot Little Rocket - Fuzz Swan (Hot Little Rocket)
Future of the Left - You Need Satan More Than He Needs You (Travels With Myself and Another)
Built to Spill - Pat (There is No Enemy)
Bird Noises - Hold That Thought (EP)
Shearing Pinx - I Am Jim O'Rourke (Weaponry)
Shellac - Steady As She Goes (Excellent Italian Greyhound)
York Redoubt - Wires (York Redoubt)
Lightning Bolt - Nation of Boar (Earthly Delights)
Vampire Can't - Self-Titled Debutante (Key Cutter)
Vic Chesnutt - Philip Guston (At the Cut)


J squiggs said...

Where could one find Fuzz Swan?
Freakin awesome song/ rest of playlist/ show, by the way.

Devin said...

Hey, thanks!
"Fuzz Swan" is on Hot Little Rocket's newest (and last) album ... it's selftitled.
http://www.myspace.com/hotlittlerocket (they have "Fuzz Swann" streaming, it's the last song in the player).

If you liked that one, you should also check out the band "Extra Happy Ghost!!!", it's the current project of Matt Swann.