Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 26th 2010

Sightings - Bishops (Absolutes)
Sun Araw - Bump Up (High Step) (Sun ARk 7")
Tuxedo Killers - Don't Get Me Started (Love & Circuits Comp)
Ex-models - He Can't Put it Into Words (Other Mathematics)
Church of the Very Bright Lights - Faltered in the Breeze
Lync - Silver Spoon Glasses (These Are Not Fall Colors)
Tonstartsbandht - Subtropic Gleme Rock (Dick Nights)
Mutators - Trick Animals (Secret Life)
Trans Am - Tesco V. Sainsburys (What Day is it Tonight?)
Slates - Setting Sun (Slates)
Frodus - Explosions (Frodus Conglomerate International)
Pterodactyl - 5 Minutes in 2 Minutes (Love & Circuits Comp)
Jawbreaker - Bivouac (Bivouac)

and an excerpt of Skaters - Mister Cabin (Dark Rye Bread)

and here's a literature recommendation from Dave, who phoned in during the show (or at least what I copied down):

nexus magazine -from '98-99-2000, 3 parts. "starfire", sir lawrence gardener: planet thru solar system, bizarre tales.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19th 2010

Bill Orcutt - Lip Rich (A New Way to Pay Old Debts)
Harriet the Spy - Showtime at the Apocalypse (Unfuckwithable)
Grooms - Thumbs (Rejoicer)
Nice Face - Thing in my Head (Thing in My Head 7")
Portraits of Past - Through to An End (Cypress Dust Witch)
Tonstartssbandht - High Roller (Dick Nights)
Friendo - Oversees (Cold Toads)
Etaoin Shrdlu - Knew Dudes (Mating Calls)
Mi Ami - Cut Men (Cut Men 12")
York Redoubt - Guilloteens and I (Cheap Funerals)
The Raymond Brake - Filthy Lucre (Piles of Dirty Winters)
Knyfe Hyts - Exalted Tones (Knyfe Hyts Party Store CS)
Pumice - Dawn Chorus of Kina (Persevere 7")

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12th 2010

Garden Variety - Harbored (Knocking the Skill Level)
Sinaloa - Rows of Tops (Oceans of Islands)
Trans Am - Future World (What Day is it Tonight?)
The Corta Vita - Montreal
Shotmaker - Reconstructing Barriers
The Corta Vita - Soil Management Makes Sense
The Plan - Let's Hear it For Our School Orchestra
Q & Not U - Hooray For Humans
The Corta Vita - Fire at the Paper Factory

Big thanks to The Corta Vita for coming onto the show tonight, and essentially co-hosting for the last 3/4 of the show. It was a blast! Be sure to check them out as part of CJSW's 25th Anniversary shindig, happening at MacEwen Hall on January 23rd (Saturday)!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5th 2010

Happy New Year.

Wooden Shjips - Shrinking Moon For You (Vol. 1)
Unwound - What was Wound (New Plastic Ideas)
A.H. Kraken - Cette Fille est a Genoux (A.H. Kraken)
Seizure Salad - The Lion Thing (Sweet Treats - Live Sessions at CJSW 90.9 FM)
Navies - Illegal Flights (An Estate)
Drive Like Jehu - Caress (Drive Like Jehu)
Mission of Burma - So Fuck It (The Sound, The Speed, The Light)
GSTS! - Signed Sheets (The Compilation of Hope)
North of America - Keep It on the Download (Brothers, Sisters)
Sharp Ends - Panic Button (S/T EP)
Faust - It's a Bit of Pain (Faust IV)
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji - Sun Ra Was a Wookie (Gemini)
HEALTH - Death +
Kurt Vile - Monkey (Childish Prodigy)