Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19th 2010

Bill Orcutt - Lip Rich (A New Way to Pay Old Debts)
Harriet the Spy - Showtime at the Apocalypse (Unfuckwithable)
Grooms - Thumbs (Rejoicer)
Nice Face - Thing in my Head (Thing in My Head 7")
Portraits of Past - Through to An End (Cypress Dust Witch)
Tonstartssbandht - High Roller (Dick Nights)
Friendo - Oversees (Cold Toads)
Etaoin Shrdlu - Knew Dudes (Mating Calls)
Mi Ami - Cut Men (Cut Men 12")
York Redoubt - Guilloteens and I (Cheap Funerals)
The Raymond Brake - Filthy Lucre (Piles of Dirty Winters)
Knyfe Hyts - Exalted Tones (Knyfe Hyts Party Store CS)
Pumice - Dawn Chorus of Kina (Persevere 7")

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