Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 31st 2009

Obits - Milk Cow Blues (I Blame You)
Thinking Fellers Union 282 - My Pal the Tortoise (Strangers From the Universe)
Weights & Measures - The Arsonist (Selftitled)
Wavves - So Bored (Wavvves)
Silkworm - The Third (Italian Platinum)
Lync - Pennies to Save (These Are Not Fall Colors)
Mount Analogue - Ivory Tusk (Avant Garbage EP)
Rye Coalition - Dressing Up for the Indictment (Hee Saw Dhuh Kaet)
Trumans Water - Hair Junk Fibre (Godspeed the Punchline)
Brainiac - Radio Apeshot (Bonsai Superstar)
Condo Fucks - The Kid With the Replaceable Head (Richard Hell Cover, Fuckbook)
Bayonets! - Bennylin (To the Point!!!)
Ex Models - It's on Television (Other Mathematics)
The Famines - TWA Flight 553 (Black Sea)
XBXRX - Here to Ruin the Party (Wars)
Dirty Three - Sue's Last Ride (Horse Stories)

Be sure to check out the Famines, the Shearing Pinx, and AIDS Wolf at Broken City this Sunday! All three (especially the former two) have been played a lot on this show, it's gonna be the noise rock show of the spring, folks.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 24th 2009 - Megan's Showfill

The very lovely Megan hosted the show tonight, and she did a great job! Here's her playlist:

Lotus Plaza – “Red Oak Way” (The Floodlight Collective)
Wavves – “Beach Demon” (Wavvves)
Obits – “Two-Headed Coin” (I Blame You)
The Ostrich** – “Mt Fuji in Red” (A Sound Experiment: Live Sessions From CJSW 90.9FM)
Mount Analogue** – “Vincent Gallo as Flying Christ” (Avant-Garbage EP)
Two Bears* – “TV Blues” (Eight Ice Cream Cones)
The Magnetic Fields – “Yeah! Oh Yeah!” (69 Love Songs)
Lightning Bolt – "2 Morro Morro Land" (Hypermagic Mountain)
White Lung* – “Breaking Boxes” (Local Garbage 7”)
Helium – “Flower of the Apocalypse” (The Dirt of Luck)
Pre – “Popping Showers” (Epic Fits)
The Birthday Party – “Mr. Clarinet” (The Birthday Party)
Big Black – “The Model” (Songs About Fucking)
The Jesus and Mary Chain – “Ambition” (The Power of Negative Thinking: B-Sides & Rarities)
Dinosaur Jr. – “The Lung” (You’re Living All Over Me)
The Jesus Lizard – “Nub” (Goat)


If you're up late on Wednesdays, be sure to tune into Megan's "Poptones", from 2-6 AM! I have a whole bunch of papers due really soon, I know I'll be listening...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Touch and Go Retrospective show!

Thanks so much for all the positive comments and phonecalls. I'm glad so many people enjoyed the show!

Here's the playlist.

Necros - Police Brutality (Sex Drive EP)
The Fix - 'Cos the Elite (Jan's Bedroom)
The Meatmen - Meatmen Stomp (Crippled Children Suck)
Negative Approach - Pressure
The Monorchid - X Marks the Spot: Something Dull Happened Here (Who Put Out the Fire?)
Killdozer - New Pants & Shirt (12 Point Buck)
Didjits - Lucille (Hey Judester)
Pegboy - Strong Reaction (Strong Reaction)
Volcano Suns - Blue Rib (Career in Rock)
The Mekons - Wicked Midnight ( I <3 Mekons)
Big Black - Bad Penny (Songs About Fucking)
Shellac - Rambler Song (The Rude Gesture)
Scratch Acid - The Greatest Gift (The Greatest Gift)
The Jesus Lizard - Gladiator (Liar)
Girls Against Boys - In LIke Flynn (Venus Luxure no. 1 Baby)
The Delta 72 - Rich Girls Like to Steal (The R&B of Membership)
Laughing Hyenas - Here We Go Again (Life of Crime)
Rodan - Jungle Jim (Rusty)
Rachel's - Water From the Same Source (Systems/Layers)
Slint - Good Morning, Captain (Spiderland)
Don Caballero - In the Absense of Strong Evidence to the Contrary, One May Step Out of the way of the Charging Bull (What Burns Never Returns)
Shannon Wright - With Closed Eyes (Over the Sun)
Brainiac - Vincent Come on Down (Hissing Prigs in Static Couture)
Enon - In This City (High Society)
Silkworm - Treat the New Guy Right (Lifestyle)
Bedhead - Bedside Table (WhatFunLIfeWas)
The Black Heart Procession - Guess I'll Forget You (3)
Seam - Autopilot (The Problem With Me)
Polvo - Tragic Carpet Ride (Celebrate the New Dark Age)
Dirty Three - I Offered it Up to the Stars and the Night Sky (Whatever You Love, You Are)

There are still plenty of bands that could have been played, which is a testament to just how good the bands on Touch & Go are/were.

Show Download Link, Show download link part 2, both good for about three weeks. -most- of the show is in the first link, and then there's a little more in the second one, although I was on-air for four hours today, so there's a whole extra two hours of radio goodies in the second link if you're so inclined.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Touch & Go Records Retrospective + Showfill

Tune into the Banshee Beat on Monday, March 23rd from 2-4 PM MST to hear a special show I've been preparing for a few weeks... with Touch & Go recently announcing they would no longer be issuing new records, I decided to put together a show which showcased the label's history as well as their bands. Starting from their hardcore punk beginnings, moving up through their 80's noise rock, 90's post-punk and post-rock, and their eclectic output from the last decade as well, it'll be a two-hour history that aims to be entertaining and loaded with good tunes, while also being educational enough that you might be able to take some info from it and act all pretentious about it at a party in the near future.

Megan will be hosting Each One Teach One this upcoming Tuesday for me, as I will hopefully be seeing Bonnie Prince Billy at Mac Hall. Be sure to tune in!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 17th 2009

Sonic Youth - Eric's Trip (Daydream Nation)
Arab on Radar - St. Patrick's Gay Parade (Queen Hygiene II)
Mount Analogue - The Stranger and the Fall (Avant-Garbage EP)
MoHa! - Karibcore (One-Way Ticket to Candyland)
The Ex - Two Struck by the Moon (Starters Alternators)
Hella - The D. Elken & Biblical Violence (Hold Your Horse Is)
Gay Witch Abortion - Action Cop (Maverick)
Nadja - Only Shallow (My Bloody Valentine Cover, When I See The Sun Always...)
Obits - Pine On (I Blame You)
The Copyrights - She Turns it Up (Learn the Hard Way)
Yo La Tengo - Sugarcube (I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One)
Sebadoh - Kath (III)
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - A Bottle of Buckie (Living with the Living)
Mark Templeton & Aaron Munsen - Contents Are (Acre Loss)
Men's Recovery Project - Get The Fuck Out of my Office (Troubleman Mixtape)
Lotus Plaza - Quicksand (The Floodlight Collective)
The Thermals - Now We Can See (Demo) (Now We Can See 7")

Saturday, March 14, 2009


There's a new show on CJSW which I recommend highly (especially if you like the more post-punk/noise leaning stuff I play on E1T1). Hosted by the very lovely Megan, "Poptones" airs every Thursday morning (or Wednesday night, if you're like me) from 2-6 AM. It's perfect for those all-nighters where you need to meet writing deadlines...

The musical focus is generally more female-based, but it's still loaded with noisy post-punk. Let's put it this way -- for every Polvo song I play, Megan will probably play a Helium song (and for those of you who know the history of those two bands, feel free to draw conclusions about Megan and myself from them). It's rad stuff for the sleep-deprived, so check it out!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10th 2009

Nation of Ulysses - You're My Miss Washington, DC (13 Point Program to Destroy America)
Medications - Safe & Sorry (Medications EP)
Les Savy Fav - The Equestrian (Let's Stay Friends)
Dan Friel - Buzzards (Ghost Town)
Wavves - Gun in the Sun (Wavvves)
Mount Analogue - Build a Fort, Set That on Fire (Avant-Garbage EP)
No Age - Boy Void (Weirdo Rippers)
Crystal Antlers - Vexation (EP)
Mi Ami - The Man in Your House (Watersports)
Bayonets!!! - Phoney Leper (To The Point!!!)
Nels Cline - Thurston County (Coward)
John Zorn - Witchfinder (The Crucible) *request*
Crowsdell - Sugar-Coated (7")
Baby Control - Best War (Best War)
Two Bears - TV Blues (Eight Ice Cream Cones)
The Birthday Party - Release the Bats (Live 1981-82)
Death Sentence: PANDA! - Friends of Friends of Friends (Insects Awaken)
Dazzling Killmen - Staring Contest (Face of Collapse)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 3rd 2009

Knyfe Hyts - Exalted Tones (Knyfe Hytes Party Store C40)
Q & Not U - X-Polynation (Power)
Liars - Theres Always Room on the Broom (They Were Wrong, So We Drowned)
Mayyors - Airplanes (Megans LOLZ 7")
The Incandescence - Brother 12 (Demo)
Two Bears - Animals (Eight Ice Cream Cones)
Julie Doiron - Consolation Prize (I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day)
Jaks - Master (Here Lies the Body Of...)
The Sick Lipstick - Come Get Yr Eggs (Sting Sting Sting)
Stereo21 - Amazing Space (Amazing Space)
Pterodactyl - Esses (Pterodactyl)
Abe Vigoda - Dont Lie (Reviver)
Superchunk - The Question is How Fast (The Question is How Fast 7")
Deerhunter - Death Drag (Turn it Up Faggot)
These Are Powers - Easy Answers (All Aboard Future)
Roadside Monument - My Hands are the Thermometers (Eight Hours Away From Being a Man)

Show download link, good for about three weeks. This is one of the best shows I've done to date, it was an absolute blast.

Be sure to check out Mount Analogue at Broken City this Thursday! They're playing with Bikeland and Jason Philip Wierzba, should be a blast. More info here, for those of you who are Facebook-inclined.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mount Analogue

These guys are a new local band, and if you're a regular listener of the show, they'll be right up your alley. Citing the Birthday Party and the Pop Group as influences, I get a really strong 80's post punk (think the aforementioned groups as well as A Certain Ratio, Wire et all) with very pronounced noise-rock leanings. In plain English: they're noisy as hell and you can groove to it. They're playing Broken City this Thursday with Bikeland and Fake Shark-Real Zombie, and they're playing the Palomino on April 9th. I missed their first show but will be right up front for the next few... check out the songs on their myspace page, and I'll be playing 'em once we get something at CJSW. They're performing live on CJSW this week as well, so tune into Adam's the Failed Pilot on Thursday from noon 'til 2, it should be pretty rad.

On the show this week... I'll be playing some new tunes from These Are Powers, Julie Doiron, DD/MM/YYYY and some other assorted goodies. I'm also working on a Touch & Go Records tribute show, so keep an ear out for that in the upcoming weeks.