Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mount Analogue

These guys are a new local band, and if you're a regular listener of the show, they'll be right up your alley. Citing the Birthday Party and the Pop Group as influences, I get a really strong 80's post punk (think the aforementioned groups as well as A Certain Ratio, Wire et all) with very pronounced noise-rock leanings. In plain English: they're noisy as hell and you can groove to it. They're playing Broken City this Thursday with Bikeland and Fake Shark-Real Zombie, and they're playing the Palomino on April 9th. I missed their first show but will be right up front for the next few... check out the songs on their myspace page, and I'll be playing 'em once we get something at CJSW. They're performing live on CJSW this week as well, so tune into Adam's the Failed Pilot on Thursday from noon 'til 2, it should be pretty rad.

On the show this week... I'll be playing some new tunes from These Are Powers, Julie Doiron, DD/MM/YYYY and some other assorted goodies. I'm also working on a Touch & Go Records tribute show, so keep an ear out for that in the upcoming weeks.

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SenzuriChampion said...

Now, I've never heard Mount Analouge, but I did spend the last hour reading about them on the internet