Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 3rd 2009

Knyfe Hyts - Exalted Tones (Knyfe Hytes Party Store C40)
Q & Not U - X-Polynation (Power)
Liars - Theres Always Room on the Broom (They Were Wrong, So We Drowned)
Mayyors - Airplanes (Megans LOLZ 7")
The Incandescence - Brother 12 (Demo)
Two Bears - Animals (Eight Ice Cream Cones)
Julie Doiron - Consolation Prize (I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day)
Jaks - Master (Here Lies the Body Of...)
The Sick Lipstick - Come Get Yr Eggs (Sting Sting Sting)
Stereo21 - Amazing Space (Amazing Space)
Pterodactyl - Esses (Pterodactyl)
Abe Vigoda - Dont Lie (Reviver)
Superchunk - The Question is How Fast (The Question is How Fast 7")
Deerhunter - Death Drag (Turn it Up Faggot)
These Are Powers - Easy Answers (All Aboard Future)
Roadside Monument - My Hands are the Thermometers (Eight Hours Away From Being a Man)

Show download link, good for about three weeks. This is one of the best shows I've done to date, it was an absolute blast.

Be sure to check out Mount Analogue at Broken City this Thursday! They're playing with Bikeland and Jason Philip Wierzba, should be a blast. More info here, for those of you who are Facebook-inclined.

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