Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10th 2009

Nation of Ulysses - You're My Miss Washington, DC (13 Point Program to Destroy America)
Medications - Safe & Sorry (Medications EP)
Les Savy Fav - The Equestrian (Let's Stay Friends)
Dan Friel - Buzzards (Ghost Town)
Wavves - Gun in the Sun (Wavvves)
Mount Analogue - Build a Fort, Set That on Fire (Avant-Garbage EP)
No Age - Boy Void (Weirdo Rippers)
Crystal Antlers - Vexation (EP)
Mi Ami - The Man in Your House (Watersports)
Bayonets!!! - Phoney Leper (To The Point!!!)
Nels Cline - Thurston County (Coward)
John Zorn - Witchfinder (The Crucible) *request*
Crowsdell - Sugar-Coated (7")
Baby Control - Best War (Best War)
Two Bears - TV Blues (Eight Ice Cream Cones)
The Birthday Party - Release the Bats (Live 1981-82)
Death Sentence: PANDA! - Friends of Friends of Friends (Insects Awaken)
Dazzling Killmen - Staring Contest (Face of Collapse)

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