Monday, March 23, 2009

Touch and Go Retrospective show!

Thanks so much for all the positive comments and phonecalls. I'm glad so many people enjoyed the show!

Here's the playlist.

Necros - Police Brutality (Sex Drive EP)
The Fix - 'Cos the Elite (Jan's Bedroom)
The Meatmen - Meatmen Stomp (Crippled Children Suck)
Negative Approach - Pressure
The Monorchid - X Marks the Spot: Something Dull Happened Here (Who Put Out the Fire?)
Killdozer - New Pants & Shirt (12 Point Buck)
Didjits - Lucille (Hey Judester)
Pegboy - Strong Reaction (Strong Reaction)
Volcano Suns - Blue Rib (Career in Rock)
The Mekons - Wicked Midnight ( I <3 Mekons)
Big Black - Bad Penny (Songs About Fucking)
Shellac - Rambler Song (The Rude Gesture)
Scratch Acid - The Greatest Gift (The Greatest Gift)
The Jesus Lizard - Gladiator (Liar)
Girls Against Boys - In LIke Flynn (Venus Luxure no. 1 Baby)
The Delta 72 - Rich Girls Like to Steal (The R&B of Membership)
Laughing Hyenas - Here We Go Again (Life of Crime)
Rodan - Jungle Jim (Rusty)
Rachel's - Water From the Same Source (Systems/Layers)
Slint - Good Morning, Captain (Spiderland)
Don Caballero - In the Absense of Strong Evidence to the Contrary, One May Step Out of the way of the Charging Bull (What Burns Never Returns)
Shannon Wright - With Closed Eyes (Over the Sun)
Brainiac - Vincent Come on Down (Hissing Prigs in Static Couture)
Enon - In This City (High Society)
Silkworm - Treat the New Guy Right (Lifestyle)
Bedhead - Bedside Table (WhatFunLIfeWas)
The Black Heart Procession - Guess I'll Forget You (3)
Seam - Autopilot (The Problem With Me)
Polvo - Tragic Carpet Ride (Celebrate the New Dark Age)
Dirty Three - I Offered it Up to the Stars and the Night Sky (Whatever You Love, You Are)

There are still plenty of bands that could have been played, which is a testament to just how good the bands on Touch & Go are/were.

Show Download Link, Show download link part 2, both good for about three weeks. -most- of the show is in the first link, and then there's a little more in the second one, although I was on-air for four hours today, so there's a whole extra two hours of radio goodies in the second link if you're so inclined.

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