Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28th 2009

Super Happy Ghost!!! - Sympathy for the Moron (How the Beach Boys Sound to Those With No Feelings)
Gobble Gobble - Misericordia (Neon Graveyard)
Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome - Life's a Riot With Craig and Brady (2 Many Babes)
Liars - Pure Unevil (Liars)
Oneida - What's Up, Jackal? (Rated O)
Marnie Stern - Patterns of a Diamond Ceiling (In Advance of the Broken Arm)
Lightning Bolt - Mega Ghost (Hypermagic Mountain)
The Famines - The First World War (Free Love is a Sales Technique 7")
Shearing Pinx - Called By the Wrong Name (Ultra Snake)
Mika Miko - Turkey Sandwich (We Be Xuxa)
Sonic Youth - Calming the Snake (The Eternal)
Glenn Branca - Lesson no.2 (The Ascension)
Mutators - Nerves (Yellow 7")
King Khan & BBQ Show - Waddlin' Around

Thanks to Sydney and Jen for co-hosting tonight! Catch the last Puberty set before Xmas time at the Marquee Room on Thursday!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 21st 2009

Pink & Brown - Sheriff Jessum (SHame Fantasy II)
Pterodactyl - One With Everyone (Worldwild)
Uzeda - Surrounded (4 EP)
The Denison/Kimball Trio - Soul Machine (Soul Machine)
Seizure Salad - Live!
Sonic Youth - Walkin' Blue (The Eternal)
Magik Markers - Jerks (Balf Quarry)
Seizure Salad - I Love Mom (Live)
Oneida - Brownout in Lagos (Rated O)
Black Dice - Buddy (Repo)
3 Teens Kill 4 - 5-4 (No Motive)

Be sure to check out Seizure Salad's upcoming shows! Tomorrow at Verns, July 29th at the Marquee (Fuck Garbage! W/Space Rabies) and August 1st at the Marquee as well. My offer continues to stand w/regards to the Fuck Garbage drinking contest.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14th 2009

Young Widows - Mid-Western (Split 7" w/Pelican)
Wipers - Mystery (Is This Real?)
Ty Segall - Cents (Lemons)
Mount Analogue - Mother Fluxus (Gold AK)
Nu Sensae - Raven Tussle & 1992 (Nu Sensae)
Public Image Ltd. - Four Enclosed Walls (Flowers of Romance)
Mi Ami - Echononecho (Watersports / Echononecho 12" single)
UUVVWWZ - Green Starred Sleeve (UUVVWWZ)
So Many Dynamos - It's Gonna Rain (The Loud Wars)
Caribou - Skunks (Up in Flames)
Pterodactyl - First Daze (Worldwild)
The Paper Chase - The Common Cold (The Epidemic) AND The Laying of Hands, The Speaking of Tongues (The Mass Hysteria) (Someday, This Could All Be Yours, Part One)
Mi Ami - Version (Echonoecho 12" Single)

Seizure Salad will be performing live on the show next week! Be sure to tune in!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 7th 2009

The Calgary Stampede: ruining summer for everyone with half a brain.

Mt. Analogue - Hospital Life (Golk AK)
Men's Recovery Project - Working for the Mossad (Bolidess Over Basra)
Oxes - Half Half & Half (Oxxxes)
Pissed Jeans - People Person (Hope For Men)
Gobble Gobble - Meteor Eschat (Gobble Gobble tape)
York Redoubt - Guilloteens and I (Cheap Funerals)
Boogie Boarder - Bio Hassle (Pizza Hero)
Joan of Arc - A Delicious Herbal Laxative (Flowers)
Sublinguals - Warlock (Sublinguals 7")
Unwound - Totality (A Single History)
Bardo Pond - Crawl Away (Set and Setting)
Deerhunter - Circulation (Rainwater Cassette Exchange)