Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6th 2009

Lou Barlow - The Right (Goodnight Unknown)
The Van Pelt - My Bouts With Pouncing (Sultans of Sentiment)
York Redoubt - Division (York Redoubt)
Peace - Saturday Night (Slow Children)
This Moment in Black History - On Tour With Charlie Parker (It Takes a Nation of Assholes to Hold Us Back)
Heroin - In General (Heroin CD)
Drunkdriver - Ode (Born Pregnant)
Puberty - Common Sense (First Slime)
Title Tracks - Every Little Bit Hurts (s/t 7")
The Jesus Lizard - Destroy Before Reading (Down)
Twin Crystals - Suicide (Twin Crystals)
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji - Creamy Beast (Creamy Beast c20)
Unwound - All Souls Day (New Plastic Ideas)

York Redoubt are amazing. Order their LP -- it's only twenty bucks (shipping included), so get on that, Canadian pals!

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