Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July 1st 2008

Happy Canada day. No, I didn't do an all-Canadian set ... I was too excited to be playing spazzed-out post-punk! As always, here's the playlist:

Fugazi - Do You Like Me? (Red Medicine)
Mission of Burma - Academy Fight Song (Academy Fight Song 7")
The Creeping Nobodies - The Sound of Joy (Sound of Joy)
King Khan & the Shrines - Torture (The Supreme Genius of)
Mt. Royal - Let in the Light (Mad Foxes)
DD/MM/YYYY - Simple Life (Are They Masks?)
So Many Dynamos - We Vibrate, We Do (Flashlights)
The Mae Shi - Virgins Diet, Hands of the Wolves (Terrorbird)
Brainiac - Hands of the Genius (Bonsai Superstar)
Meho Plaza - Your Future Looks Bright (Meho Plaza)
The Dismemberment Plan - The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich (Split w/Juno)
HEALTH - Triceratops (Acid Girls A Remix) (Disco)
Liars - Loose Nuts on the Veladrome (They Threw Us All in a Trench...)
Deerhunter - Death Drag (Deerhunter)
Women - Flashlights (Women)
Erase Errata - Driving Test (At Crystal Palace)
Troubled Hubble - I'm Pretty Sure I Can See Molecules (Making Beds in a Burning House)

You can download this week's show!

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