Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 22nd 2008

Thanks to Lindsay and Megan from the Late, Late Breakfast Show for coming on air and doing a lovely little sketch about phone-order pornography. Made the Pulp song make more sense, that's for sure...

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Reverence (Honey's Dead)
The Raveonettes - Noisy Summer (Chain Gang of Love)
Sonic Youth - Self Obsessed and Sexxee (Experimental Jet Set, Trash, and No Star)
Hot Snakes - If Credits What Matters, I'll Take Credit (Automatic Midnight)
We Versus the Shark - I Am the Contempt Machine (Dirty Versions)
Abe Vigoda - Live-Long (Skeleton)
Twin Crystals - Two Girls (Two Girls)
The Famines - I Like Some of the Things You Do (Black Sea)
The Thermals - How We Know (Fuckin' A)
Wizardzz - Whispers From Wallface (Hidden City of Taurmond)
Black Pus - Take Me To the Other Side (Black Pus 1)
Pulp - Underwear (Different Class)
Tetrix - Mystery (Tetrix)
Bent Spoon Duo - Let There Be Musk (Out There in the Sea)
Q And Not U - And The Washington Monument (Blinks) Goodnight (No Kill No Beep Beep)

Make sure to tune in next week, as I have a ridiculously crazy show planned. Seriously. I might be setting a CJSW record with next week's show...

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