Saturday, July 19, 2008


Over the last week or so I've ordered myself some music from a few smaller labels. I've ordered about three things from Ruffian Records, a label co-operated by Hugh from Black Eyes (I've played them a few times on the show - their selftitled and Cough albums are essential) - when the albums (and cassette!) I've ordered from them arrive in the mail, you can bet you'll be hearing some music by Sentai (ex-Black Eyes), Bird Noises, and Bohica.

I also just placed an order with Deathbomb Arc, one of the finest noise/avant/experimental labels going today. I ordered the Mincemeat or Tenspeed All Critters 12" (electronic music made only with guitar effects pedals), Beach Balls tape (which is exactly what the title would lead you to believe - dance beats with noise), Books on Tape's Throw Down Your Laptops (experimental electronica), and finally, Foot Village's new album, Friendship Nation. I am especially excited for that one, as it features three or four drumkits (Boredoms style) with a lot of screaming. High energy, totally fucked up, totally awesome.

I've also just recently come into possession of all four of Brian Chippendale's Black Pus albums, so you can expect to be hearing a lot from him (especially Black Pus 1, which is one of the best high-energy noise recordings I've ever heard) in the upcoming weeks... so good!

My voice is pretty much back up to speed, so it won't sound like I'm dying this upcoming Tuesday. Which is good, because I will be conducting an interview with a couple members of a new Calgary theatre/comedy group... so make sure to tune in!

Also, I seem to be running into listeners nowadays... this is a very good sign, as it means indeed there are people listening. I've received nothing but positive comments, so thank you very much! On a final note, be sure to check out the Abe Vigoda/Women show at Artlife on Wednesday, July 23rd! It's five dollars, doors at 7 PM, show starting at 8. It'll be a good show.

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