Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 15th 2008 - double length show

Got kind of a hoarse voice tonight ... I totally mutilated it last night, but thankfully the show starts at 9 PM so I had enough time to drink tea and whatnot. it's still pretty rough when I say certain sounds...

Oh, and this was an extended length show! Wow!

Six Finger Satellite - Simian Fever (Severe Exposure)
Drive Like Jehu - Bullet Train to Vegas (Yank Crime Reissue)
Black Eyes - Deformative (Black Eyes)
Ex Models - Hey Boner (Zoo Psychology)
AIDS Wolf - track 2 (split w/Athletic Autonomaton)
Abe Vigoda - Lantern Lights (Skeleton)
We Versus the Shark - Hey Blood (Dirty Versions)
The Incandescence - Girlwatcher (Demo)
Bluetip - Gainer (Dischord no.101)
Parts & Labor - New Buildings (Stay Afraid)
Mudhoney - Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More (Superfuzz Bigmuff Deluxe)
Public Image Ltd. - Poptones (Metal Box/Second Edition)
Random Touch - Climbing the Towers (A Box and a Word)
Twin Crystals - Trinity (Two Girls/Trinity)
Liars - Clear Island (Liars)
Shotgun & Jaybird - Hindsight (There Are Days and There Are Days)
The Lawrence Arms - Jumping the Shark (Oh! Calcutta!)
Rites of Spring - End on End (End on End)
This Heat - Health & Efficiency (Health & Efficiency)
Gunther - That's the Ticket! (The Greatest Televised Swordsman I've Seen in Years)
Eric's Trip - December '93 (Forever Again)
Joan of Arc - If There Was a Time #2 (Boo Human)
The Dismemberment Plan - One Too Many Blows to the Head (Is Terrified)
Blind Tiger Tiger - Pastor Haggard
Silver Jews - My Pillow is the Threshold (Lookout Mountain Lookout Sea)
Kessler Tidal - Alice
Love as Laughter - All Parts of Me (Holy EP)
June of 44 - The Dexterity of Luck (Four Great Points)
The Psychic Paramount - Para5 (Gamelan into the Mink Supernatural)
HEALTH - Lost Time (Pictureplane Remix) (Disco)

whew. WHEW. I think I'm cursed.

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