Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 24 2008

Wow! I wasn't expecting a huge listening base tonight due to the No Age show (which was pretty good, btw) but I got like six phone calls, and that's ignoring the Deerhunter ticket giveaway! Admittedly, two of them were telling me the name of the Chixdiggit song I played by accident (I meant to play "Brunette Summer"), but still! Tonight I indulged in some pop-punk sweet toothery and think I might just have to do that again sometime.

Yo La Tengo - Mushroom Cloud of Hiss (May I Sing With Me)
The Queers - Love Love Love (Don't Back Down)
Groovie Ghoulies - She Gets All the Girls (Fun in the Dark)
Screeching Weasel - Totally (Anthem For a New Tomorrow)
Mr. T Experience - Somebody Who Cares (Our Bodies, Our Selves)
The Copyrights - She Turns it Up (Learn the Hard Way)
Chixdiggit - Nobody (Born on the First of July)
The Ergs! - Saturday Nite Crap-O-Rama (Dorkrockcorkrod)
Winepress - Disappointed (Worth 1000 Words)
Jawbreaker - Want (Unfun)
Vancougar - Phonecalls (Canadian Tuxedo)
The Folk Implosion - Slap Me (Take a look inside...)
Ride - Polar Bear (Nowhere)
Eric's Trip - Follow (Love Tara)
Women - Group Transport Hall (Women)
No Age - Eraser (Nouns)
Doers - Art for $ (some comp)
Love as Laughter - All Parts of Me (EP)
Qui - Freeze (Love's Miracle)

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