Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June 17th 2008

Scratch Acid - Greatest Gift (The Greatest Gift)
Scratch Acid - Monsters (The Greatest Gift)
Black Pus - Land of the Lost (Black Pus 4)
North of America - Voting No On the Warming of Antarctica (Brothers, Sisters)
PRE - Drool (Epic Fits)
Beat Happening - Bewitched (Jamboree)
The Azymyth - Part II (The Azymyth)
Desolation Wilderness - Gloria (Until Forever)
Don Caballero - Belted Sweater (Singles Breaking Up, vol. 1)
US Maple - Letter to ZZ Top (Long Hair in Three Stages)
Mutators - Broken Hands (Split w/Shearing Pinx)
Retribution Gospel Choir - Breaker (Retribution Gospel Choir)
Boris - Laser Beam (Smile)
Secret Fires - Travis vs. the Truth (I Only Want What I Can't See)
Statehood - Giants (Lies and Rhetoric)
Magik Markers - Pat Garrett (BOSS)
John Wiese - Tacks (Soft Punk)
Air Miami - Airplane Rider (Airplane Rider)
High Dependency Unit - Stupermodel (Metamatics)

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