Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28th 2010

Oneida - T.S.M.T.J. (The Green Corridor I)
Cave - Encino Men (Psychic Psummer)
Clipd Beaks - Dust (To Realize)
Deerhoof - L'amour Stories (Apple 'O)
Magik Markers - I Trust My Guitar, Etc.
The Make-Up - Black Wine pt.1 + Live in the Rhythm Hive (In Mass Mind)
Male Bonding - Nothing Used to Hurt (Nothing Hurts)
So Cow - Girl Racer (Meaningless Friendly)
Fuck the Tundra - Eliminator Boat Duel (Grin Diesel)
Stalwart Sons - Flags & Bells (Burn Daylights Like Torches)
Gyre Spire and Spindle - Winky Dinky (Nuggets)
90 Day Men - Missouri Kids Cuss ((it (is) it) Critical Band)
Brainiac - Nothing Ever Changes (Hissing Prigs in Static Couture)
Frodus - Factory Six (F-Letter)
Bailter Space - Make (Robot World)

You! Check out the Bart Records Showcase this Saturday at the Marquee Room. North of America! Stalwart Sons! Gyre Spire and Spindle! Black Magic Pyramid! Fuck the Tundra! French Friar!

And also check out the stuff you're into. Me? I'm really into the aforementioned (especially NORTS), as well as Nice Nice, Chain & The Gang, Cave, So Cow, Deerhoof, etc. Gonna be a fun week. If you see a curly haired glasses-wearing dude (me), come say hello.

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