Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21st 2010

Stalwart Sons - Frozen Ground (Burn Daylights Like Torches)
The Plan - Lit Like a Monument (Only These Movements Remain)
Daniel Striped Tiger - An Errand to Run (Split 7" w/Sinaloa)
Shokei - Reclining Seats, Receding Hairlines (Split 7" w/The Falcon Five)
Shellac - My Black Ass (At Action Park)
Indian Jewelry - Oceans (Totaled)
Pterodactyl - I See You (The Green Corridor I, split 12"w/Oneida)
Mugstar - Today is the Wrong Shape (Sun, Broken...)
People of the North - The Vastest Island (Deep Tissue)
Zs - Don't Touch Me (New Slaves)
Drunkdriver/Mattin - List of Profound Insecurities, side A
The Chills - Pink Frost
Broken Water - Spore (Whet)
Nu Sensae - Skull Mecca (TV, Death, and the Devil)

We also heard four songs from Dirty Beaches, which I talked over. "Night City", "Paris", "Lone Star", and "Night Drive", all from the Night City cassette.

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