Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14th 2010

Cave - Teenager (Pure Moods)
Actual Water - Boutique Neighbourhoods (Double Negatives)
Vibes - Psychic (Psychic 7")
Wet Hair - Radio Machines / Gold Chains (Dream)
Hunter-Gatherer - Werewords (EP CS)
Knyfe Hyts - Hyts of Summer (OIB Split Series, vol. 3)
Long Long Long - Davids, Burning Down the House (S/T CS)
Swirlies - Upstairs (What To Do With Them)
Silver Dapple - (Pauses) (White Door by Carl)
Peter Kolovos - Dry Lips (New Bodies)
Twin Stumps - Landlord (Seedbed)
Fuck the Tundra - GIntro & The Good Harvest (Fuck the Tundra CS)
The Dead C - Constellation (Harsh '70s Reality)
Tubers - Coconut Thunder (Anachronous)
Young Ginns - Score (Young Ginns)
Black Pus - My House Like A Mouse (Black Pus 4: All Aboard the Magic Pus)
Mi Ami - Native American (Born in the USA) (Steal Your Face)
Bedhead - Bedside Table (WhatFunLifeWas)

Want to Download this show? (note- cuts off during the Dead C).

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