Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2nd 2009

Just as soon as I recover from having a cold in Vancouver, I manage to catch the flu. Nathan, from Mental Brain Thoughts (Sundays 3-7 AM) filled in tonight, and man oh man, that Lightning Bolt Peel Session melts my brain every time I hear it (and not just because they're one of my favourite bands of, uh, ever). Thanks very much for the fill, Nathan!

Lightning Bolt's Peel Session:
-2 Morrow Morrow Land
-On Fire
-Dracula Mountain
-Dead Cowboy
-30,000 Monkies
Burning Star Core - When the Tripods Come (Operator Dead... Post Abandoned)

I should be back behind the board next week, so long as I don't manage to catch the plague. Boy, I miss being healthy. Having a fever of 103.5 is no fun.

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