Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23rd 2009

Still sick, but I'm recovering. Antibiotics, finally! It's only been a month...

Jarvis Cocker - Further Complications (Further Complications)
Jeremy Enigk - Late of Camera (OK Bear)
The Antikaroshi - Downtown (Crushed Neocons)
Endangered Ape - Whites of My Eyes (Ape Shall Not Kill Ape)
Silkworm - The Old You (Italian Platinum)
The Ergs! - Blockhead (Under the Influence 7")
Sonic Youth - Calming the Snake (The Eternal)
Sex Negatives - Processing Plant, side A (Processing Plant 7")
Azeda Booth - Squall (Tubtrek EP)
Dinosaur Jr - Imagination Blind (Farm)
Stamina Mantis - Pink Eye (Blood Klub 7")
Helium - Superball (The Dirt of Luck)
Melt-Banana - Pain in Ash (Split 7" w/Young Widows)
Polvo - Beggar's Bowl (In Prism)

Sled Island picks coming soon, check back! Make sure to see Obits, Liars, HEALTH, and tomorrow's Fake Jazz Wednesday noise rock show at Broken City!

OK, here are my picks for Sled Island. Trust me -- in addition to this radio show, I'm also a record store clerk and I've been published in a few magazines around Alberta and Vancouver (+20 music dork loser points)

-Fake Jazz Wednesday - Space Rabies, Shearing Pinx, Ahna, Zebra Pulse, and Stamina Mantis at Broken City. 10:30 PM

-The Gift Eaters, Nu Sensae, Neckbeards, and Friendo at Tubby Dog. 9PM.
-The Coathangers, These Arms are Snakes, and Monotonix at the Distillery. 10 PM.
-Whatever the hell is going on at the Legion. King Khan and BBQ Show, Japanther, Japandroids (VERY loud live), whoever the secret guests are. I've heard rumours of Andrew WK and Anvil, so if you're drunk enough to tolerate neanderthal music (no, I do not like metal in the slightest), have a blast!

-Monotonix at Tubby Dog. 5 PM. Seriously.
-Liars and the Breeders at the Main Stage, Olympic Plaza. 8:30 PM.
-Mt Analogue, Mt Royal, Puberty, Twin Crystals, and HEALTH at the Marquee Room. 10-2 AM.
-Obits, Women, O'Death, and These Arms are Snakes at the Legion. Pretty much Midnight onwards. I'd absolutely torn between this and the Marquee Room show ... I think you'll see me at the Marquee Room on Friday.
-Also, tune in to Chad's "My Allergy To the Fans" to hear a live set from Colin Newman's band, Githead! 2-4 PM on CJSW 90.9 FM. I was lucky enough to speak with Colin Newman for about 45 minutes over the phone last month, he's quite the guy.

-Githead at Local 510. Sometime between 10 AM and 3 PM. BeatRoute "hangover" breakfast -- try and locate the writers you disagree with and drink them under the table before noon. Me, I'm on antibiotics, so our drinking contest will have to wait.
-Obits, Lucid 44, Sharp Ends, Wicked Awesomes, and Bayonets!!! at Broken City. 10 PM. Obits are appx. 11:30, and you WILL see me drooling right at the front, probably staring at Rick Froberg. Hey, Yank Crime is one of my five favourite records of all time, and Obits are pretty awesome, so I kinda HAVE to see Rick Froberg at some point.
-Liars and Lint at Dickens pub. 11 PM.
-Githead, HEALTH, Holy Fuck, The Sublinguals, and Women at the Warehouse. 9 PM. Why this is scheduled at the same time as Liars and Obits, I will never know.

-SECRET. I'm sorry, I can't tell you. There's a ton of amazing stuff going on, but you're going to have to find out from somebody in person.

Be sure to check out the festival schedule to make sure you can catch what you want. These are just my recommendations based on my own taste, and what I play on Each One Teach One. You're bound to find me at almost all of these shows, and if we share taste in music (hell, you're reading this blog), I'll be glad to see you out there as well.

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