Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19th 2009

Double Dagger - No Allies (More)
Githead - Drive By (Art Pop)
The Famines - The Rumor Mill (14 July 2008)
Beneath These Idle Tides - Goya (D-Day 4/20)
Greyscreen - In the Chariot City (001)
Braden Funchner - Learoyd Love (This Old Tape)
Grimmrobe - The Haunting of Sydney Koke (D-Day 4/20)
Pulp - I Love Life (We Love Life)
Black Dice - Nite Creme (Repo)
PRE - Fudging on our Folks (Epic Fits)
volcano! - Easy Does It (Beautiful Seizure)
Hot Snakes - No Hands (Automatic Midnight)
Mika Miko - Blues Not Speed (We Be Xuxa)
Superchunk - Learned to Surf (Leaves in the Gutter EP)

Writeup coming later! Off to see King Khan & the Shrines!

Next week I'll be celebrating my birthday (May 26th, pals!) in Vancouver, watching Grizzly Bear. Megan, my very lovely partner in crime, will be hosting the show next week - be sure to tune in!

Beneath These Idle Tides will be debuting his massive "Moments of a Red Sun (In D Major) at the Cantos Music Museum on Wednesday, May 20th at 8 PM. Epic experimental drone stuff that I personally can't wait to see.

If you like the bleeps and bloops made by a gameboy, run off to the Soda after Beneath These Idle Tides to catch a performance from Greyscreen. Tetraktys will be opening.

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