Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 12th 2009

Liars - Plaster Casts of Everything (Liars)
Pterodactyl - First Daze (Worldwild)
Mika Miko - Sex Jazz (We Be Xuxa)
Crocodiles - Flash of Light (Summer of Hate)
Githead - Drop (Art Pop)
HEALTH - Crimewave (HEALTH)
Thee Thems - Oh Shit! (Pizza Records Party Pack)
B-Lines - Busy Man
North of America - Cities and Plans (Elements of an Incomplete Map)
Crystal Antlers - Until the Sun Dies, Part One (Tentacles)
Pink Noise - Phonecalls
Upsilon Acrux - Landscape With Gun and Chandelier (Radian Futura)
The Dismemberment Plan - Academy Award (Is Terrified)
The Thermals - I Called Out Your Name (Now We Can See)
Jawbreaker - Caroline (Etc.)
Magik Markers - Jerks (Balf Quarry)
Fugazi - Full Disclosure (The Argument)
Nels Cline - Thurston County (Coward)

Liars, HEALTH, and Githead will all be playing Calgary as part of the Sled Island festival at the end of June. Other bands that I've played on the show that are playing: Obits, Monotonix, King Khan & BBQ Show, Japandroids, Holy Fuck, and more to be announced. More on that as the festival comes closer.

Pterodactyl's Worldwild is a solid record, although it takes several listens before it really clicks -- probably because it's not nearly as noisy as their previous album. The band seems to have traded in their harsh tones for more psychedelic leanings, but the energy is still there. There's no "Polio" on here, but Pterodactyl have begun branching out a bit -- check it out. (Brah Records)

Here's a video for "No Sugar", from Worldwild:

Pterodactyl--"No Sugar" Music Video from Pterodactyl on Vimeo.

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