Sunday, April 26, 2009

PUBERTY performing live on E1T1's one-year birthday (April 28th!)

Be sure to tune in this week, as a fairly new but totally rad local group by the name of Puberty will be performing live! This will mark their radio debut, as well as one whole year of Each One Teach One on CJSW's airwaves. Also, they'll first band to perform live on the show!

From what I've gathered from seeing Puberty perform twice, their sound is rooted in older post-punk and noise rock (think Sonic Youth on Sister or Goo, but slightly less aggro). I also hear a slight nod to some Flying Nun bands in there, especially the Clean. Regardless of influence, any band that will say "cover yr ears, motherfuckers!" before stomping on a feedback-creating distortion pedal is good in my books.

You know the deal... tune yr radio dial to 90.9 FM if you happen to be in Calgary, otherwise, take your browser over to the CJSW website and load up the streaming audio. Tuesday, April 28th, 9-10 PM MST.

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