Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28th 2009

Chain & The Gang - Interview With the Chain Gang (Down With Liberty... Up With Chains)
Yo La Tengo - From a Motel 6 (Painful)
Experimental Dental School - Earthquake (Forest Field)
Black Dice - Glazin' (Repo)
Obits - Two Headed Coin (I Blame You)
Black Pus - Bark of the Tree (Black Pu5 7")
PUBERTY performs live:
-Jocko Nacho
-Put Your Face
-Common Sense
Warsaw - No Love Lost (Warsaw)
Lazy Magnet - Masters of Science Fiction (Is Music Even Good?)
Lotus Plaza - Red Oak Way (The Floodlight Collective)

Big thanks go out to Puberty for performing on the show, Mike for driving like a madman to find a drumstick (and Jesse for supplying said drumsticks), Myke for engineering the set, and everyone who listened.

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