Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14th 2009

Laddio Bolocko - Goat Lips (The Strange Warmings Of)
Don Caballero - Repeat Defender (2)
Crystal Antlers - Andrew (Tentacles)
DD/MM/YYYY - Bronzage (Black Square)
Oneida - Number Nine (Each One Teach One)
Mount Analogue - Vincent Gallo as Flying Christ (Avant Garbage EP)
Black Pus - The Dexihellipers (Black Pus 2)
I Was a King - Step Aside (I Was a King)
Defektors - Burning Light (The Emergency Room, Vol 1)
Chain and the Gang - Trash Talk (Down With Liberty... Up With Chains!)
The Thermals - When I Was Afraid (Now We Can See)
Secret Mommy Quintet - To Live in Vancouver in the Summer of 2008 (Div/orce Split 7" 8)
Cap'n Jazz - Oh Messy Life (Analphabetapolotholgy)
Yellow Swans - Psychic Secession (Psychic Secession)
Portastatic - I Wanna Know Girls (Bright Ideas)

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