Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 21 2011

It's been a long day - two shows, three hours of radio for me today. phew!

Bright Channel - Ricochet (Bright Channel)
Lilys - Elizabeth Colour Wheel (In the Presence of Nothing)
Ecstasy of St Theresa - Square Waves (Pigment)
Skywave - Nothing Left to Say (Synthstatic)
Bird World - Swamp (No Wonder)
Iceage - Eyes (New Brigade)
Caribou - Barnowl (Milk of Human Kindness)
Medicine - Never Click (The Buried Life)
Swirlies - His Love Just Washed Away (Blonder Tongue Audio Baton)
Polvo - When Will You Die For the Last Time in my Dreams (Exploded Drawing)

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