Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 14th 2011

90 Day Men - From One Primadonna to Another ((It (Is) It) Critical Band)
Bailter Space - Make (Robot World)
Parts & Labor - A Thousand Roads (Constant Future)
Psychic Ills - January Rain (Dins)
Jad Fair - Principal Punishes Students With Bad Impressions (Beautiful Songs)
Bloodhouse - The Front (Split w/Bad Vibrations)
Glenn Branca - Carbon Monoxide (The Ascension II)
My Disco - With Age (Little Joy)
Mi Ami - Dolphins (Dolphins)
Lab Coast - Really Realize (Pictures on the Wall)
Sisters - Lust is Just (Sisters)
Skull Defekts - Gospel of the Skull (Peer Amid)

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