Monday, January 3, 2011

Bitter Fictions - The First Book of Electricity

Pardon the self-promotion here, but I finished my own album in December.

I've released it digitally here, and also on cassette. If you want your hands on the tape, shoot me an e-mail (freezeyx at hotmail dot com), or if you're in Calgary, head over to Sloth Records, where I'm keeping a few stocked. They're $5+s&h (or $6 at Sloth, $7 at Hotwax), and hand-numbered/ltd to 60.

I'd been working sporadically on a bunch of home recordings over the past year, and I just finally (I say finally because I originally thought I'd be done in August, but then school came up) finished to a point I'm happy with.

There are nine songs, split roughly down the middle between noise/ambient drone, and noisy indie rock. Four songs have vocals, and everything except "On Film" and "Silver Medal" was recorded over 2010, mostly throughout the summer with a few additions here and there. "On Film", "Downed", and "Silver Medal" were recorded in the Spring of 2009.

(I recommend starting with "Slip Away" or "In Absence", if you're the impatient type.)

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