Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hair Police are coming to town! Looks like they're opening for Awesome Color at Broken City on April 16th. Well, the Broken City website lists that date as the Madcowboys and some other whatever punk rock regulars that play whatever venue every month, but the Awesome Color myspace lists the show as April 16th. Hopefully this all gets cleared up, because Awesome Color w/Hair Police would be one hell of a show to check out this month.

Admittedly, Awesome Color are very dull on record (really derivative and boring, which is an awful place for any sort of rock band to be in right now), but they were quite good opening for Dinosaur Jr the last time they were in town, back in 2007. Hair Police, though... they're going to rule. I've never seen them firsthand, but I've heard their live performance described as a "visceral experience". If they're anything like their recordings... ("Strict" has always been a favourite of mine to play on the air during pop songs, it wakes people up).

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