Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 15th 2010 - I can't pay for groceries 'cause I just bought records

Shearing Pinx - Xenophobe (Weaponry)
North of America - We Had To Call Your Parents (12345678910)
Sex Church - Dead End (Dead End 7")
Home - Wall Walker (Seventeen)
McLusky - Fuck This Band (McLusky Do Dallas)
Pavement - Box Elder (Westing by Musket and Sextant)
Grown-Ups - Not An Adult (I Can't Win)
Hanoi Janes - Skeleton Girl (Across the Sea 7")
Fresh & Onlys - Diamond in the Dark (August in my Mind)
This Moment in Black History - Forest Whitaker (Public Square)
Bailter Space - EIP (Robot World)
Clipd Beaks - Broke Life (To Realize)
Yellow Swans - Limited Space (Going Places)
Storm and Stress - meet me in the space they stare at leaving their seat during a show (Under Thunder and Fluorescent Light)


alex said...

this show was more or less awesome solely cause of this moment in black history. but then out of nowhere the fresh and onlys show up

Devin said...

thanks Alex! I'll probably be playing TMIB again next week, their new album needs more love at the station--we've had it for like four weeks and I'm the only person who has played the damn thing. Don't think I'm quite as into it as "It Takes a Nation of Assholes...", but it's still quite good.