Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 9th 2008

Naked Raygun - Rat Patrol (Throb Throb)
The Ostrich - No Name Savage (Alberta Boom! Cassette)
Hush Arbors - Water (Hush Arbors)
Mayyors - White Jeep (Megans LOLZ)
Ty Segall - Oh Mary (Ty Segall)
The Points - Never Trust My Heart (The Points)
Mars - Helen Fordsdale (New York Noise)
DD/MM/YYYY - Track 3 (777)
Jaks - Dumbwaiter (Here Lies the Body of Jaks)
Rah Bras - Fungry (Troubleman Mixtape CD 1)
Giddy Motors - Hit Car (Make it Pop)
The Ergs! - Anthem For a New Amanda
The Ergs! - ...and the True Believers
The Ergs! - Piltdown Man (All three from "That's It, Bye" 12" single)
No Age w/Zach Hill - California Bird Dudes (Flannel Graduate)
Holzkopf - The Speaker Hurts (This CD Is An Apology)
Pavement - Wanna Mess You Around (Brighten the Corners: Nicene Creedence Edition Disc 2)
Tim Hecker - Spring Heeled Jack Flies Tonight (Harmony in Ultraviolet)

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