Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December 30th 2008

Last show of 2008!

Crystal Antlers - Parting Song for the Torn Sky (EP)
Black Mountain - Stormy High (In the Future)
Burning Star Core - Hopelessly Devoted (Challenger)
Hush Arbors - Follow Closely (Hush Arbors)
Windsor for the Derby - What We Want (How We Lost)
Kieren Hebden & Steve Reid - Lyman Place (NYC)
Arliss Parker - Track 2 (Handsome Like a Lion)
The Azymyth - The Sound of Something Found (The Azymyth)
What's Wrong Tohei? - Archaeology (S/T)
The Dismemberment Plan - The Ice of Boston (The Ice of Boston)
Shearing Pinx - Called By the Wrong Name(Ultra Snake)
LaGrecia - Hey Medic (On Parallels)
The Steinways - Oh My Fucking Gosh (Gorilla Marketing)
Troubled Hubble - I'm Pretty Sure I Can See Molecules (Making Beds in a Burning House)
Lee Ranaldo - Isolation (Amarillo Ramp)

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