Sunday, September 14, 2008

Young Widows - Old Wounds

ATTN fans of the Jesus Lizard (I know you're out there, you phone me damn near every time I play them or Scratch Acid/Qui!): CHECK OUT THIS RECORD. I just got myself a copy earlier today and will obviously be playing it this Tuesday... but these guys have the bass/drum locked groove bit that the Jesus Lizard (and Shellac, and all those other 90's touch and go bands) did so well down to a science. Plus, y'know, it's noisy n' shit. Solid, straight-up noise rock. They wear their influences quite proudly, I mean, they even named a song "Glad He Ate Her" on their first record, and if you play it close to "Gladiator"...

Old Skin, from Old Wounds.

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