Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September 16th 2008

weird obscure indie rock 7"s from the CJSW library show!

Sonic Youth - (I Got A) Catholic Block (Sister)
Boys Life - Worn Thin (Split w/Giants Chair)
The Ostrich - Clean Room (Mt. Fuji in Red)
Defektors - Burning Light (The Emergency Room Vol. 1)
Foetus - Lust For Death (Hole)
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - From Her To Eternity (From Her to Eternity)
Brainiac - Cookie Doesn't Sing (Dope Guns and Fucking in the Street 7")
Jawbox - Chump II (Jabberjaw 7")
Jesu - Blind + Faithless (Why Are We Not Perfect)
Vapid - Do The Earthquake (7")
Young Widows - Lucky and Hardheaded (Old Wounds)
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - Paranoia (Never Enough) (Rapid Response EP)
Akarso - Limbless (Split w/Faraquet)
Eric's Trip - View Master (Forever Again)
Veronica Lake - Ascension Day (Split 7" w/Bratmobile)

Download tonight's show!

I might end up playing more rare/obscure/out of print stuff next week. Depends if I get enough time to listen to a whole bunch of it... we'll see.

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