Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 6th & 7th - E1T1 + Sweet Chin Music showfill

Marathon! Here we go.

Bedhead - The Rest of the Day (Beheaded)
Lync - Silver Spoon Glasses (These Are Not Fall Colors)
Play Guitar - Celebration (Shielfs & Don't Worry About Death)
Grouper - I Saw a Ray (AIA Dream Loss)
Lilys - Day of the Monkey (Eccsame the Photon Band)
Long Long Long - If There's a Rumble, You Guys Will Back Me Up, Right? (Who The Fuck Said Family Ain't Family No More)
Tonstartsbandht - Shot to lo Parc
Veronica Lake - Emma Maybe
Seam - Autopilot (The Problem With Me)
The Dismemberment Plan - Respect is Due (Is Terrified)
Mi Ami - Dreamers (Steal Your Face)
Religious Knives - Smokescreen (Smokescreen)
Black Pus - The Wicked West (Primordial Pus)
Skull Defekts - Peer Amid (Peer Amid)
Portraits of Past - Bang Yer Head
My Disco - Inhaler (Collapse of an Erratic Lung)
Japanese Beaver are Canadian - How Much Does Ammunition Go For these Days? (EP Phone Home)
Crow Eater - Grave Wax + Never Born (Grave Wax)
Slices - Laughing While Eating (Cruising)
Sedia - C'era una Volta il Rizoma (The Even Times)
Lisabo - Hemen Naiz ez Gelditzeko Baina (Ezarian)
Joe Lally - What Makes You (Why Should I Get Used to it)
Lowercase - Rare Anger (Kill the Lights)
Unwound - Fiction Friction (New Plastic Ideas)
Daïtro - Nous Sommes D'ici (Laisser Vivre Les Squelettes)
Daniel Striped Tiger - Instruction Piece + Goldwood (No Difference)
La Maladresse - Les Montagnes (La Maladresse)
Pitchblende - A Penny for the Guy (Working Holiday split 7" w/Swirlies)
Shipping News - Untitled w/Drums (Flies the Fields)

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