Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4th 2010

The Dismemberment Plan - A Life of Possibilities (Emergency & I)
I Can Put My Arm Back On You Can't - Do Your Eyes Need Help? (Stands For ...)
No Age - Sorts (Everything in Between)
La Maladresse - Le Reve (La Maladresse)
Indian Jewelry - Seasonal Economy (Free Gold!)
Extra Happy Ghost - 1990s Brain Damage (Split 7" w/Lab Coast)
Mark McGuire - Brain Storm (For Erin)
Marnie Stern - Nothing Left (Marnie Stern)
Women - Service Animal (Public Strain bonus 7")
US Maple - Go to Bruises (Talker)
Gastr Del Sol - Dictionary of Handwriting (Mirror Repair)
Sisters - Sky (Ghost Fits) (**note this is the Brooklyn Sisters, not the far, Far, FAR superior Olympia Sisters)
Arab on Radar - #1 9-12-98 (Soak the Saddle)
forgetters - Too Small to Fail (S/T 2X7")

Next week will probably be another pre-recorded show, but be sure to tune in on October 18th for a live set from Stalwart Sons! Not to be missed, people.

And check out Indian Jewelry at the Republik this Thursday! Holy Fuck is pretty boring, but IJ should put on a rad show.

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