Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Final Tuesday Show - February 23rd, 2010

Thanks so much for tuning in on Tuesdays. Each One Teach One will resume broadcasting on Mondays, from 11PM-Midnight (that means the next one is on March 1st).

Friendo - New Sibley (Cold Toads)
Bayonets - Spank Llyod Wright
Moon Duo - Escape (Escape)
Oneida - Each One Teach One (43 Minute jammed out version, recorded live at the Primevara Sound Festival in Spain on May 30th, 2009


marry said...

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Laura likes your show! said...

Oi! Dude! I came out of my yoga class tonight feeling good and feeling a little high, and looking forward to turning on the car radio so yer trippy, trippy tunes can ride me back home. Oh! What crushing disapointment when my buzz was totally slaughtered by some lovely yet unfortunately timed Big Band. Buddy, yer show is wicked!!!!! Thanks for making my Tuesday night drives killer-awesome! I will miss you. :( You can tell yer station manager that I am most displeased! And I wish yer show were on Tuesday again. Does this thing have spell-check? Apparantly not.

Devin said...

Thanks Laura! I'm still a bit bummed about the change in timeslots, but they wanted to change a bunch of stuff at the station, and making 9-10 PM a jazz block throughout the week was one of 'em. Even the station manager told me that my timeslot was having the most 'dramatic' change... I'm only happy to be on Mondays from 11-midnight because my good friend Stan has his show right afterwords, but I'm going to miss the 9-10 PM Tuesday slot.

Devin said...

oh, and by the way-- if you want to let the program director or anyone at the station know, there's a feedback sheet on the website ( http://www.cjsw.com/feedback.html ) regarding the programming changes.

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