Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1st 2009

Mark Templeton - At Your Feet (Inland)
The Fall - My New House (This Nation's Saving Grace)
Les Savy Fav - We've Got Boxes (The Cat & the Cobra)
Hard Feelings - C.S. Idle Tendencies (Hard Feelings)
The Raymond Brake - New Wave Dream (Piles of Dirty Winters)
Pissed Jeans - False Jesii Pt 2 (King of Jeans)
Mayyors - Clicks (Deads)
Dinosaur Jr - Over It (Farm)
This Heat - Health & Efficiency (Health and Efficiency)
Yo La Tengo - Today is the Day (Today is the Day EP)
HEALTH - In Heat (Get Color)
Merzbow - Variation no.2 (13 Japanese Birds Vol 2 - Fukurou)
Black Mold - Smoking Rat Shit (Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz)
Owen (some random Canadian dude, not Mike Kinsella) - Stoned, but played on 33 instead of 45 and without the 45 adapter.

Check out Megan's new show, Off Duty Trip, tomorrow (Wedneday) from 2-4 PM! Rad tunes for sure!

Here's the super lovely artwork to the Owen 7":

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