Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 6th 2009 - "Noisy as all goddamn hell" edition, w/special co-host Sydney!

Special surprise double length show! Thanks to the huge number of people who phoned in!

Shearing Pinx - Held Under (Ultra Snake)
Black Pus - First four songs from Black Pus 1
Mincemeat or Tenspeed - Side A Excerpt (All Critters)
Mutators - Bones (7")
Yellow Swans - Garrison (Dreamed)
Jason Crumer - News Rips Through the Community (Ottoman Black)
Growing - Reconstruction (All The Way)
MoHa! - Oh My God, It's Rave (One-Way Ticket to Candyland)
Can't - Lush Life (excerpt)
Vampire Can't - War Lips (Key Cutter)
Sightings - All The Scams (End Times)
Fat Worm of Error - Petulant Bureaucrats Pummeled With Peanut Butter (Pregnant Babies Pregnant with Pregnant Babies)
Hair Police - Strict (Certainty of Swarms)
The Goslings - Dinah (Grandeur of Hair)
The Stooges - LA Blues (Fun House, RIP Ron Asheton)
Black Eyes - False Positive (Cough)
Power Pill Fist - Honey, Stroke My Neck Beard (Kongmanivong)
Veritas - Elias (Black Dark/Black Cold)
DD/MM/YYYY - Track 4 (777)
Sonic Youth - The World Looks Red (Confusion is Sex)
The Skaters - Mister Cabin (Dark Rye Bread Cassette)
Mouthus - The Drifters (Saw a Halo)
Ty Segall - Pretty Baby (You're So Ugly) (Ty Segall)
Caldera Lakes - Tornado (Caldera Lakes CD-R)
Holzkopf - Unity Club Mix (This CD is an Apology)

Whew! Thanks again for listening, phoning in, enjoying, the like. Sydney and I had a lot of fun! Expect to hear Sydney on the program again in the future, and expect me to keep things really noisy for the next few weeks.

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