Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 18th 2008

Parts & Labor - Nowheres Nigh (Receivers)
Thunderbirds are Now! - Not Witherspoon, but Silverstone (Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Cheif)
Ex-Models - Pink Noise (Zoo Psychology)
Moha! - Too Smart Enough to Think (One Way Ticket to Candyland)
Nisennenmondai - Pop Group (Neji Tori)
Zach Hill - Uhuru (Astrological Straits)
Les Georges Leningrad - Supa Doopa (Sur Les Traces de Black Eskimo)
The Sick Lipstick - Sting Sting Sting (Sting Sting Sting)
DD/MM/YYYY - Batmanguitarclock (Are They Masks?)
Vivian Girls - Such a Joke (Vivian Girls)
SIDS - (Who You Gonna Take To The) Prom (2 Many Babes)
Boo and Boo Too - Sometimes at Night (No Tempo)
All the Saints - Regal Regalia (Fire on Corridor X)
Some random sailor dudes - All For Me Grog
Played at the same time as Hair Police - Strict
Grails - Reincarnation Blues (Doomsdayers Holiday)

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